I have worked with many women as they learn to nurse their babies and have seen firsthand the beauty of this.  This kit will be valuable and beneficial for all new mothers created by adoption.
Carol Jennings, RN

I used many of the techniques described in this book when I was breastfeeding my adopted son.  I wish this had been available back then. Thanks for putting this together. Even if it only helps one adoptive mom, it will make a difference.
Elaine Reser, Adoptive Mom

As a former La Leche League Leader, I am so happy to see this information available to help all mothers be able to experience the joy of nursing and the benefits of bonding with their babies.  This is so important not only to the baby, but also to the adoptive mother as well. What a wonderful way to connect with your new baby!
Diane Schafer, Former La Leche League Leader

Mardie has a very special bond with her son, as I witnessed years ago when she was learning (and using!) the techniques she shares.  I know firsthand the difference it made in her life, and I’m so glad that she finally chose to put this together for other adoptive moms!
Sharon E. White

Great info! I especially enjoyed the CDs which I could listen to during my commute. I really hope to be able to do this and feel it is getting me ready for that day.
Amy, waiting adoptive-parent-to-be