Guide to Adoptive Breastfeeding

To many, this comes as a surprise, but with the right information and support, many adoptive mothers successfully nurse their babies.

adoptive mom breastfeeding
This Ultimate Guide will show you the steps to take when considering nursing a newborn or toddler. The goal in adoptive breastfeeding should always be to create a special relationship: the special closeness, the biological attachment of breastfeeding that many mothers want to have.

The primary objective when deciding to nurse an adopted baby should be to assist in the bonding process between the mother and baby. Producing milk is a hopeful goal, but not required for success.

One common factor that all nursing adoptive mothers agree upon is that you must have reliable information and take the time to prepare. Also vital is a commitment and a personal understanding that success will not be measured in the ounces of milk produced, but rather in the moments of closeness you share with your baby.

Adoptive Breastfeeding: the Ultimate Guide will give you the information you need to learn about the amazing benefits, and also get started on the road to nursing your baby brought into your heart through adoption.

Get started on your special journey today!

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I have worked with many women as they learn to nurse their babies and have seen firsthand the beauty of this. This kit will be valuable and beneficial for all new mothers created by adoption.

Carol Jennings, RN

As a former La Leche League Leader, I am so happy to see this information available to help all mothers be able to experience the joy of nursing and the benefits of bonding with their babies. This is so important not only to the baby, but also to the adoptive mother as well. What a wonderful way to connect with your new baby!

Diane Schafer

Former La Leche League Leader

I used many of the techniques described in this book when I was breastfeeding my adopted son. I wish this had been available back then. Thanks for putting this together. Even if it only helps one adoptive mom, it will make a difference.

Elaine Reser

Adoptive Mom

Mardie has a very special bond with her son, as I witnessed years ago when she was learning (and using!) the techniques she shares. I know firsthand the difference it made in her life, and I’m so glad that she finally chose to put this together for other adoptive moms!

Sharon E. White

adoptive mom breastfeeding

Is Adoptive Breastfeeding Possible?

Did you know adoptive breastfeeding is possible? Many adoptive parents think that because a biological pregnancy has not occurred, that breastfeeding is out of the question.

The reality is that breastfeeding as an adoptive parent IS possible, with the right information, tools, and support. Breastfeeding allows adoptive parents to bond with their newly adopted baby.